On Wednesday 29th August, we had a second visit from Inspector Fourie, this time to present and demonstrate various police equipment and allow the children to interact with his police dog, Lexi.

Inspector Fourie made every effort to encourage the children NOT to be afraid of policemen and women but to see them as people who are there to help.

He showed various police equipment explaining that NONE of them are toys and should not be touched – EVER.

He presented one of trainee students with 2 guns and asked him to say which one was the real one and which was not!

Mondli chose the “fake” gun as the real one. Inspector Fourie explained that no one, especially CHILDREN, should ever touch guns, no matter where you find or see them.

You never know what is real and what is not. Rather call an adult or better still the police.

Everyone made a sterling effort to learn the emergency number 031-3610000.

Majority of the children were scared of Lexi, his police dog in spite of telling him that they were not BUT when Lexi appeared there were shrieks from ALL quarters!

She is a spirited, energetic and very clever dog who LOVES tennis balls.

Inspector Fourie gave all the children a picture to colour in of a police dog as well as a test for the Grade R learners to write the Emergency Number and remember it.

He will return next week to present the certificates for the completed and accurate test.

After the presentation, we gave Inspector Fourie some chocolates for himself, some tennis balls for Lexi and presented some poems about policemen.

TEST – fill in the gaps

_3_ _6___0_


Inspector Fourie giving Mondli two guns – one a fake and the other real
This one says a very confident Mondli
Wrong says Inspector Fourie – the real one is in your left hand.
Demonstrating the bullet proof vest – front and back – weighing 13kgs which the policeman wears for a 12 hour shift

Lots of tennis balls for Lexi
Brave Buthlebenkosi shaking paws with Lexi
Lexi listening to instructions and sitting still…a lesson for some of our children
Trevor was back at school full of smiles
Snakho looking after Trevor during the presentation.
Londi and Thobilie – brave teachers coming to meet and shake paws with Lexi
Prince praying for Inspector Fourie and Lexi and ALL policeman and women who protect us
Inspector Fourie and his 10 emergency number volunteers.

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