On Tuesday 28th August Inspector Fourie visited our school to conduct TRAFFIC EDUCATION

He is a welcome visitor at Makabongwe and a familiar face to those children who have been at the school since Grade 000.

His presentation, which is informative and interactive, covers some very important life skill lessons and ultimately could save lives.

Inspector Fourie is passionate about his work and equipping the youth with the tools they need for survival from as young as 3 years old.

He spoke about a) Traffic Safety, b) Stranger Danger c) Emergency Telephone Number d) Traffic Light Display and e) Road Traffic Signs

The photos show both Inspector Fourie and the Makabongwe children engaging and in action.

Lunga from blue group looking after Trevor the friendly policeman mascot
Inspector Fourie planning what to do when you want to cross the road
Children lining up to cross the road when the little green walking man appears
Even if the green man is flashing always look right, left and right again before you cross
Grade 00 Blue and Red groups performing their poem about crossing the road for Inspector Fourie
Inspector Fourie with Gr 000 and Gr 00 Makabongwe Learners
And now Grade R…
Before you cross the road, look right, then left, then right again.
Perfect day for an outdoor presentation.
Watch the big round robot to change red for cars, then the walking man turns green – still look right, then left, then right before you cross the road
Andile in action Pic 1,2 and 3

Orange means wait for cars
Red means stop for cars
Lining up to cross the road

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