A FISHY FUN DAY AT USHAKA – Monday 10th September 2018

For about 4 weeks before we go on this excursion, the children ask me daily, “Are we going to uShaka today, Miss Terressa?”

So by the time the actual day arrives, there are 81 extremely excited Grade R learners.

The day turned out just right and all the expectations of the children were met and more.

We left at 08h40 on the buss with the children all dressed in their excursion “uniform” – red t-shirts and black shorts.

The educators also looked very dashing in their coral golf shirts including Mondli in his green shirt.

Anita and Thabi were our guides and did an excellent job of making their talks age appropriate and interesting.

I even learnt some new “fishy” facts. There were gasps of delight, some of surprise and some of fright when the large sharks and sting rays swam past the glass windows right next to the children.

We all enjoyed our ocean sea creatures biscuit snack and continued with our tour of the Aquarium and then onto to watch the Dolphin Show.

This always starts off with much dancing and lots of noise making and the Makabongwe children joined in with enthusiasm and energy, as did some of the teachers.

After the show it was back to find a lovely grassy patch and enjoy our Debonair chicken barbeque pizza treat and what a treat it was! They were simply scrumptious.

All too soon, the morning came to an end and it was time to board the bus again bound for Makabongwe.

The return journey was a lot quieter as many learners, and I think some educators, had a little nap.

Thank you to uShaka for sponsoring the ENTRANCE FEE

Thank you to Permoseal (Pty) Ltd for sponsoring the BUS HIRE

Thank you to Debonairs for sponsoring the PIZZA LUNCH

We had a very special day.


And the children are quiet – they’re eating
A beautiful sea turtle.
Listening intently to our guide Thabi as she informs us all about different sea creatures.
Anyone for a tuna sandwich?
Open Wide – shew what big teeth you have!
Ever heard of a guitar shark? Here they are!
A most unusual fish!
Thabi has their attention and interest
The dolphins showing their moves
Roll over…
A spectacular display of energy
Enjoying Debonairs pizza lunch treat
Absoulutley scrumptious
Heres to Debonairs – thank you for our lunch treat!
The quietest we have ever seen this young man. I winder if our driver could take a longer route home…peace and quite!

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  1. Wow…a fishy fun day indeed! the children must have had a great day.
    Thank you Makabongwe principal, staff and students
    God Bless!


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