Friday 13th was a very lucky day for the ENTIRE staff of Makabongwe.

We enjoyed an awesome training morning at St John’s – not only the training but the lifts, tea, coffee and excellent service.

Slindo – our trainer – knew her work and even though small in stature, was a true example of dynamite in a small package.

She kept the staff under control ensuring everyone was learning, participating and understanding the information being shared and taught.

We ALL learnt a lot whilst also still having fun and really enjoyed the practical demonstrations and video clips.

The training was presented in a very listener friendly format.

Thank you also for the mouth piece, notes and notebook.

Our first aid kit is now fully kitted and “legal” – again thanks to St John – hopefully we will not need to use this soon!!

It was a morning well spent and who knows, one of us, if not all, could one day save a life thanks to the knowledge and experience we acquired on Friday 13th July and St John’s – CARING FOR PEOPLE

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