MONDAY 30th JULY 2018

Whether it is a MondayTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, somehow the children sense when something extra special is happening and Monday 30th July was no exception.

There was an electric buzz around the school – the reason………….

Makabongwe had been invited to Glenwood Boys High School for a Sports Day with a difference.

The green machine busses arrived and the children were all ready to board dressed in the red t-shirt and black shorts excursion kit, bare foot and with loads of energy and enthusiasm.

The Glenwood boys had set up about 12 different game stations from tug-o-war, potato and spoon, 3 legged and sack races, jumping in and out of a rope ladder, relays and probably the favourite: tackling the rugby bag and knocking it to the ground!!

Each Glenwood host had between 6 and 8 children in their team and they ensured that their team participated in every event.

What a pleasure to be soaking up all the autumn sun’s warmth and enjoying the facilities at Glenwood Boys High School.

Whilst the sporting events were taking place amidst much cheering and encouraging, other Glenwood learners were preparing lunch – hot dogs, juice and an ice lolly – always a winner with the Makabongwe children.

When every child had completed all the events it was time to eat. All the fresh air and exercise had of course built up their appetites and the hot dogs were eaten with much appreciation and very quickly.

Needless to say, the Glenwood young men were exhausted and the Makabongwe children with energy to spare.

We returned safely to school on the green machine busses after a really special outing.

With much appreciation and thanks to Ms Lisa Foster and all the Glenwood boys who planned, organised and ensured the morning was a real success and enjoyed by the 141 Makabongwe learners who attended.

Enjoy the action pictures of our fun in the sun day at Glenwood Boys High School.

The Sack Race
Our Glenwood hosts explaining the rues of this station.
The wheelbarrow race – hard work. Is it the passenger or the driver who cant go in a straight line?
Ms Mbhata with a roll of toilet paper on hand and ready to wipe runny noses.
Golf ball and spoon race – another version of the traditional egg and spoon race.
The Makabongwe learners very keen to participate.
Intense onlookers
Guidance and encouragement from the Glenwood hosts.
Having a lot of fun on a beautiful Durban winters day.
Pass the hula hoop – concentration and good co ordination required for this one.
Farmer Mosisi driving the tractor and having a lot of fun.
Preparing hot dogs for lunch!
Ready to server hot dogs, juice and ice lollies – what a treat!
Sitting under perfectly blue South African skies – our hosts, 140 Makabongwe learners, teachers, assistants and students. The end of a perfect morning at Glenwood Boys High School


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