Cook4Life is a Direct Marketing company that was started in Limpopo by Jaco Jacobs in 2009. Cook4Life has become an industry leader in just 5 years – selling high quality household goods through a network of agents that deal directly with the end user. .

The success of the company is a testimony to God’s grace and favour working through Jaco and his team, as well as the dedication and skill set of all involved in the Cook4Life family. Run and managed on Godly principles, every decision and strategy is covered in prayer – causing Cook4Life to be a vibrant and exciting business which honours God and values its customers.

With more than 15 years’ experience as a leader and marketing professional in the direct network selling arena , Jaco Jacobs prides himself in leading an innovative team of professionals working tirelessly to provide effective solutions to Cook4life customers.

– To change and influence people’s lives and to sell high end products to the end user!
– We help people enjoy a healthier lifestyle, more leisure and family time and the ability to save money whilst using our products.


Educators always look forward to and appreciate their school holidays.

The Makabongwe team is no different.

Schools opened on Tuesday 17th July with staff returning on Monday 16th July.

When St John’s offered us FREE First Aid Training – a requirement that every educator must have I had to think creatively to entice the team back to school on FRIDAY 13th July.

Thanks to Cook4Life, we came up with a plan.

Training in the morning and back to school for a SURPRISE in the afternoon.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, the surprise was a demonstration of the beautiful cookware they sell AND a live cooking demonstration and feast to follow.

Have you ever cooked Chicken a la King in 20 minutes to feed 17 people?

I doubt that unless you are the proud owner of Cook4Life cookware.

Philip and his team………… did a sterling job of promoting healthy cooking and eating and keeping the staff entertained and tummies satisfied with their delicious meal.

We also enjoyed strawberry, bananas, yoghurt and honey smoothies.

I confess I had more than 1 or 2 or…..

Not only were they excellent chefs and entertainers BUT they also washed and cleaned up so that by the time they left, everything was back in place and ready for the children to arrive the following week.

I saw team effort, enthusiasm and energy in action – it was a pleasure and delight to host Phillip, ………….

THANK YOU COOK4LIFE for the demonstration and delicious meal.

We enjoyed your company and are all saving up so that one day we can own a set of your cookware.

COOK4LIFE in action and the staff of Makabongwe enjoying the feast.

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