Thursday 10th May


Some Bible stories are easier to tell than others.

The children all love the Story of Creation, Daniel in the Lion’s Den, The Lost Sheep, The Prodigal Son, Jonah and the Big Whale, Jesus feeds 5000 and of course the miracle of Jesus’ birth.

The Easter story and Ascension are more challenging.

At Makabongwe we celebrated Ascension Day differently.

I read the story to the children and showed them a picture of Jesus going up to the heavens, leaving his friends behind on earth with the promise that He would be back one day and that we would have a helper, the Holy Spirit whilst still on earth.

Then the children shared what they would like to tell Jesus if they could see Him with their physical eyes.

Beautiful messages were shared and written on red balloons.

The learners and ALL the staff went outside and on the count of 3 we let the balloons go and sent our messages UP to heaven. We watched them for a long time as they floated UP and away, signifying Jesus going UP to His Father.

Here are some of the messages:-

Thank You Jesus

I love You Jesus

Thank you for playing

Thank you loving us

I want to live with You

Thank you for sweets

 Thank you for saving us

Thank you for blessing us

It was a really beautiful sight to watch our red balloons fly UP and carry messages of love from the children of Makabongwe


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