The Women’s Institute (WI) – a community based organisation for women, was founded in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, by Adelaide Hoodles in 1897. It was based on the British concept of Women’s Guilds, created by Rev Archibald Charteris in 1887 and originally confined to the Church of Scotland. It later spread to other countries.

Roseglen Women’s Institute – part of Victoria Group – is a long standing branch having been around for over 45 years. Sadly the number of members has dwindled. A devout 12 ladies meet on the second Tuesday of every month at Musgrave Methodist Church. The motto for WI is “for home and country”. These ladies meet to socialise, network, listen to guest speakers to increase their knowledge and skill, participate in monthly competitions of baking, floral decorating and handcrafts as well as reach out to needy communities.

Makabongwe had the pleasure of hosting the members of Roseglen on TUESDAY 15th May.

On arrival we served the ladies tea and some delicious eats and enjoyed a casual discussion about the history of our school. The previous Principal, Mrs Shirley Yell, had been the guest speaker the previous month and given them a lot of information and facts about Makabongwe. After tea, we did a walk about the school showing off our facilities with much pride and introducing the children to our special visitors. Then it was time for the children to shine. Class by class they performed their 3 items much to the delight of the WI members. All too soon the morning was over and it was time to take our guests back to their meeting venue.

Before they left, we were given a ream of paper and a cash donation.

Thank you ROSEGLEN for your visit and your donation.

You are welcome to visit anytime for more hugs.

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