At Makabongwe we are blessed with quite a lot of space and a lovely playground but there’s something very exciting about visiting a new playground and exploring different and interesting equipment.

That’s exactly what the Grade 000 and Grade 00 classes of Makabongwe did on MONDAY 8th May.

With full tummies, changed into the excursion “uniform” and with much anticipation and excitement the children boarded the bus for People’s Park.

Our bus driver turns the music on as we leave the premises and this is the single for fun!

Both learners and teachers sing and dance entertaining any other vehicles driving past.

It was a perfect Autumn day and the children explored every piece of equipment possible.

The teachers had to be on high alert ensuring all the children were safe and not being over zealous in their exploring!

The popcorn snack and ice lollies went down very well followed by a presentation from 5 students on our 5 senses : touch taste, smell, hearing and sight.

This was a different environment with lots of new things to discover.

Then it was more playtime followed by our best treat lunch – deliciously fresh and still warm hot dogs prepared by Melissa – a friend and committee member.

64 weary little people boarded the bus. I’m convinced I saw a couple of teachers nodding off as well.

There was no singing and dancing on the return journey just glorious peace and quiet!

Another happy day in the lives of the Makabongwe children to record in our history.

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