Today was the BIG day – another 1st on our school calendar.

It was a roaring success with some 57 moms and grans attending.

The children performed like little stars, the teachers had prepared and practiced and the items were delightful.

EVERYONE worked to make the morning absolutely fantastic.

Every staff member, including the students carried out their duties efficiently and with enthusiasm.

It was a real example of team work. We flew the Makabongwe flag high with pride and passion.

So the morning went like this – each class had prepared 3 items and presented this to all the moms and grans who were sitting in the BIG shed in the middle section.

Green group, followed by Blue, Red, Yellow Butterflies, Bees and Birds.

There is a healthy sense of competition between the classes and it has resulted in new ideas and innovation.

As the parents left the BIG shed to go and sit under our shade cover, they were presented with a small gift bag of special chocolates with a tag that read Happy Mother’s Day with lots of love

Outside there was a feast of eats and juice waiting for them: tuna mayonnaise sandwiches, colourfully iced and decorated cup cakes and chilli bites with sweet chilli sauce.

Moms and grans sat on the metal benches or on the grass and it was a lovely sight to behold!

And I am afraid that’s where it ends…….we never took a single picture. We were running around serving, hosting, helping and cleaning up with the TEAM!!!

This is definitely an event to add to our school calendar and maybe I will remember to appoint someone to take photos next year!!!

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