This will be a posting with a slight difference. I need you to use your imaginations.

Taking 46 x 4 year olds to the beach is not conducive to photo shoots – all teachers have to wide eyed and alert with no distractions.

We had a perfect day at Laguna Pools Beach.

Try and picture the scene as you read all about our excursion.

Anyone coming into the school building could sense something was different

The children were all chattering amongst themselves in their home languages, some were already getting changed into their costumes and others were telling their friends they were going to the beach

When the bus arrived, it was impossible to tame their excitement.

Fed, changed and ready for an adventure 46 x Grade 00 Makabongwe learners boarded the bus with 12 teachers, assistant teachers and volunteers.

Every child got into the shallow pools, some with more coaxing than others. In no time, children were flying down the water slide – with a teacher – or holding onto the side of the pool kicking vigorously.

Others ducked under the water and were very proud of this achievement. It was a sight to behold.

The teachers were also a sight to behold in their costumes, in the water watching the children like eager hawks.

Popcorn and juice were a welcome snack mid morning and then back into the water.

This time BLUE group headed off to the beach while RED group stayed behind in the pools

Here the children had great fun building sandcastles and other structures while some teachers took 2 children – 1 in each hand – into the water.

Some children chose to stay behind and play in the sand.

The more adventurous ones marched with confidence to the waves and then did not want to get out the water.

Enjoy these little stories which describe far better than my words can how special the day was…..

One little boy kept wanting to go back to the waves and we stood together whilst the waves washed over our feet which kept disappearing into the sand.

At one point, he looked up at me and said “This is nice” with the biggest smile on his face.

This same little boy came to my office the next morning with some older friends, again with the biggest smile on his face and said : “Isn’t it you and me went to the beach”

Another little girl, who apparently doesn’t talk much in class, made her desires very clear without uttering a word.

We stood together in the water and every time I asked if she wanted to go build sand castles, she simply pointed her finger towards the waves, so we stood there enjoying each others company and didn’t go back until she was ready.

We ended our day with the MOST delicious and fresh hot dogs made and delivered by Melissa, one of our committee members.

This remains one of the best treats for our children and all 108 hot dogs were devoured with not a crumb left in the box.


The Makabongwe teachers, assistants and volunteers made me very proud as did our children who behaved impeccably.

Next WEDNESDAY we take the Grade R learners…..so watch this space


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