Makabongwe translated into English means Praise Him / Let Him be praised.

We are grateful everyday and acknowledge the many blessings we receive for the children in our care.

Ms Nicola, our Grade 000 teacher suggested we visit a retirement home and entertain the residents with songs and rhymes and bless them with hugs and attention.

We chose to visit JOHN DUNN retirement home in Wentworth.

On Wednesday 22nd November, there was great excitement as the performers boarded the bus sponsored by Glenwood High School dressed in their respective costumes.

We had Mary and Joseph, angels, Zulu dancers, cows, sheep, a donkey, bees and monkeys.

Our driver ensured we arrived safely after lots of singing and cheering. It was indeed a happy ride.

The residents were invited to come down to the hall to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee with a slice of delicious lemon sponge cake which we provided whilst teachers and myself set up the various props and instruments required for the concert.

At 10:30 our concert began. The residents were delighted at the songs, rhymes and dancing performed by the children who are all between 3 and 4 years old.

It was very evident that everyone was having a lot of fun – the children, the residents, the teachers and even our bus driver who was watching from the back of the hall with a big smile on his face as he clapped to the beat of the various tunes.

After the concert the children distributed a gift of toiletries beautifully packed into a decorated tennis ball container as well as a gift of delicious edibles – biscuits and chocolate.

It was a morning of sharing, love and lots of hugs.

What a blessing to pay forward some of our blessings.

We have been invited to visit again and are hoping to make a visit mid year as well as at the end of the year.

November is already booked on our school calendar – CONCERT AT JOHN DUNN RETIREMENT HOME 2018.

Enjoy the photos of our visit and concert.

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