One of the highlights is and continues to be the Christmas Concerts and Grade R Graduation at the end of each year.

A lot of hard work goes into preparing for these events. The teachers are exhausted, the children extremely excited and the parents very proud to watch their children perform and show off the many skills they have learned during the course of the year.

Last year, we tried something a little different.

Our school has grown over the years and we now have 140 learners.

Our BIG shed has NOT grown so we decided to split the concert over 2 days.

TUESDAY 28th November Grade 000 and Grade 00 Concert

THURSDAY 30th November Grade R Concert and Graduation.

Committee members, sponsors, donors, friends and obviously parents are invited to both celebrations.

These are always happy occasions and the school literally “buzzes” with excitement.

Everything on the day is special: the opening prayer, the thank you’s, the songs, rhymes and dances, the singing of our National Anthem and closing prayer, not forgetting the handing out of graduation certificates to our Grade R graduates.

Please excuse the quality of the photos as the lighting in the BIG shed is definitely not conducive to quality pictures but it does give you some idea of the fun, excitement and energy at both our concerts.

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