Can you remember your first day at school?
I confess that I can’t BUT I do remember my new, shining school shoes and
with each of my 3 sons, this was a very important part of back to school –
On the 30th November, all 72 of our Grade R learners graduated and are ready
for BIG school. For the parents this means lots of additional costs, –
stationery, new uniforms, school bag and of course, NEW SHOES.

Thanks to Stanhope Boot and Shoe Manufacturers in Westmead, DURBAN, each of
the Grade R learners leaving Makabongwe go with a pair of brand new school
This is not the first donation, Stanhope Boot and Shoe have done this for
the past 4 years.

Enjoy the photos of our children receiving their shoes.
Can you see the JOY and PRIDE on their faces?
Thank you Stanhope Boot and Shoe for making going to BIG school, armed with
a pair of NEW SHOES, such an exciting adventure.


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