Can you imagine playing a game of soccer without goal posts?

It can be done and the children at Makabongwe proved it possible


It’s so much more fun when you have the real thing!


In September 2016 we received a wonderful donation from Belgotex of artificial grass.

This literally changed the entire playground and became the most popular place for the children to be – sitting, playing, running and or course soccer matches.


We have some budding boy and girl soccer players and thanks to numerous sponsors, a regular supply of soccer balls.


Something was missing………..



After a visit to our school. Mr Doug Ross of JT ROSS – a Property Management Company, offered to sponsor brand new goal posts.

We are now the proud owners of incredibly strong, sturdy and age appropriate goal posts manufactured by Kean Toys.

They are even on wheels for ease of moving around and packing away safely.


It was delightful watching the reaction of the child when they first saw the goal posts.

Every child wanted to be KEEPER and I still watch games with about 4-5 goalies per goal.


When the playtime bell rings, I know to expect a rush of little people into my office asking for the soccer ball

I am never wrong.


Thank you JT ROSS and Son for making soccer even more real and more fun.

We love soccer and we love our goal posts.





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