Every Thursday Mr Brian de Klerk, or Uncle Brian, as the children fondly
know him, comes to Makabongwe and does basic computer skills training with
the Grade R learners.

I NEVER hear any complaints from the children even when he calls them off
the playground. The 15 minute lesson comprises of Uncle Brian guiding the
children through age appropriate educational computer games giving them a
feel for the keyboard, a knowledge on how to operate the mouse and some good
fun as they “catch” the objects moving across the screen.

I love listening to the lessons and hearing Uncle Brian repeatedly saying
“push the button” or “well done, you got them all” or “you’re getting 2
stars today, you were so good”. The children arrive with smiles on their
faces as they head to the Resource Centre and leave with even bigger smiles
having accomplished, achieved and “conquered” the computer.

Each child is given a certificate at the end of the course with either a
Merit or Distinction pass. This is a proud moment for ALL the Grade R

On Thursday 23rd November we held a special assembly and Uncle Brian came to
hand out the certificates and a little edible Christmas cracker gift. It was
a proud day for our Grade R’s.

Brian is married to Bev and has been for 42 years. They have 3 sons and 4
grand children. Brian retired after 41 years service at Ethekwini
Electricity as the Chief Technical Officer.

We are extremely grateful for all the time he volunteers at Makabongwe
equipping our children with another life skill preparing them for BIG

Enjoy the photos of our computer graduates.

Uncle Brian with Ms Jamali and the Grade R Yellow Bees.
A proud receiver of his certificate.
Another proud receiver of her certificate.
Mmmh I wonder what is inside the cracker?
Uncle Brian, Ms Mdabe and the Grade R Yellow Birds.
High 5 and happy days at Makabongwe
Is that a Merit or Distinction that I got?
A very proud recepitent of her certificate and gift.
Lets give a clap to the Yellow Butterflies.
Uncle Brian and Ms Ndlovu with the Grade R Yellow Butterflies.

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