The one picture refers to Inspector Rourke.

Principal Theresa

Our current theme has been people who help us, people who keep us safe and
protect us.
On Thursday 31st August, we welcomed Captain Jonathan Foster, Inspector
Jeffrey Gunther and Constable Clint Cormac from the Durban Metropolitan
Police Service – Mounted Unit to our school. WILD BOY has become a familiar
visitor and the children were delighted to see him again. Although he only
has one eye WILD BOY is still in service and showed us just how capable he
is in terms of mobility and doing his job! Tragically someone threw poison
in his face resulting in the loss of his eye.
Captain Foster always gives a very interesting and informative age
appropriate presentation. The children also learn what being a mounted
policeman is all about: the care you need to take of your horse, brushing,
feeding, changing their shoes and of course how successful the policeman can
be when chasing a suspect who is on foot.
Some of the children braved stroking WILD BOY and some of the teachers gave
him carrots and apples which he munched with much enthusiasm.
Thank you Captain Foster and your team.

On Friday, we had another special visitor, Inspector Jacques Fourie from the
Public Relations office of Durban Central Metro Police and Lexi, his
faithful dog. Lexi is still in training as she only turns 1 in October.
Inspector Fourie has in fact become quite a hero with the older children at
Makabongwe who recognise and remember what he taught at previous visits.
Each time Inspector Fourie visits the children learn something new and
valuable equipping them with life skills to use well into their adult years.
This visit was no exception. The presentation was interactive and the
children engaged well. The emergency number has been displayed in the school
where the children can see it every day. After a week the children will do a
“test” to see who knows this number off by heart. Children who “pass” the
test will be presented with a certificate.
Thank you Inspector Fourie and Lexi for visiting our school. You know you
are always welcome.

Learning about the Mounted Unit – the police on horses who help us and keep us safe.
Wild Boy enjoying some juicy apples and crunchy carrots.

Some learners were brave enough to stroke Wild Boy but kept one hand on Captain Foster just in case….
Wild Boy showed us his moves forwards, backwards and even left and right.
The Makabongwe September birthday learners with Inspector Jacques Fourie and K9 Lexi.

We learnt what to do and who to tell if we find a gun, or knife or bullets lying around. These are not toys, tell and adult immediately!
I see it, I want it – that tennis ball hidden in your hand!
Lexi, Inspector Fourie’s dog in training.
Who do we call when there is an emergency??

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