We have taken the learners of Makabongwe to different Fire Station over the
past years but this was definitely one of the best visits.

At 09h30 on Wednesday 2nd August, 133 Makabongwe learners set out on foot
together with 18 educators to cross the road and visit Central Fire Station.

We were welcomed by Fire fighter Khaya Ludidi – a lady fire fighter – who
was in charge of the presentation.
She was ably assisted by Fire fighters M Maduna and SS Sithole.

Using her biggest “teacher” voice, Fire fighter Khaya showed the children
the fire fighting gear fire fighters wear, explained the equipment on the
truck, demonstrated what to do if your clothes are on fire – STOP, DROP and
ROLL and taught the children the number to call in a fire emergency
The children all had a chance to climb on board the truck and out the other
side seeing up close all the equipment needed to put a fire out. Even the
teachers joined in. There were shouts of “we want more, please…..we want
more please,” when a number of fire fighters came sliding down the poles in
response to our count of 1,2,3. We learnt that fire fighters have to keep
fit and strong and are very brave. They are like real live super heroes!!

The children cheered for their team as team A and team B attempted to knock
a drum off the wall with their fire hoses spraying water at full force. I
think team A won but we think all fire fighters are winners!

After the presentations it was foam and water time. It was another glorious
Durban winter’s day and in a flash, all 133 children had stripped down to
their costumes and were frolicking in the foamy water. This is where the
teachers came on duty like hawks ensuring we did not lose any little people
under the foam!! All too soon, it was time to spray down, have a drink of
water, sun dry and dress again ready to return to school.

Thank you for a very interesting and fun morning at Central Fire Station.
Our children have learned valuable life skills which could one day save a
All 133 learners returned to school safely where a delicious hot cooked
lunch was waiting for them.


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