It was another glorious autumn day in Durban when the Grade 000 and Grade 00 children of Makabongwe Methodist Pre-school visited People’s Park.

The bus eventually arrived to collect 66 children and 10 educators.

The children were good ambassadors for the school looking very smart dressed in our red t-shirts and black shorts and behaving very well

On arrival it was playtime and what a choice of equipment to choose from.

Our mid morning snack was cheese curls and juice followed by teacher presentations on our 5 senses.

These were well prepared and resulted in some stimulating interaction and learning.

The learning part of the morning was followed by MORE play…….

Our special friend and volunteer, Melissa, had been VERY busy at home making 150 hot dogs.

This is one of the favourite treats for the children.

The hot dogs were still warm when Melissa arrived all ready to consume.

It was truly a matter of now you see them, now you don’t as the children wolfed them down eagerly having built up healthy appetites with all the playing in the fresh air.


Enjoy the photos as much as the children enjoyed their outing.


Something new to try – we don’t have a merry go round at Makabongwe
Ms Ndlovu hanging onto her head watching the children ascend the web hoping they will all get down again safely.
Ms Yanga, one of Embury students pushing 2 children on the swings
Ms Hlengiwe, one of our Social Work students adjusting on of the Gr 000 children’s sun hats
Ms Philiswa, one of the Embury students keeping a watchful eye on this scooter and it’s rider
This really is a lot of fun but I don’t seem to be going anyway…….
Time to settle down and learn. What a pleasure to have lessons in the sun and fresh air
We found some shade so the children could focus their attention on the educators. They learnt about our sense of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell
Some eager volunteers sampling bitter, sweet and sour flavours!
Do we trust her again? Last time she gave us vinegar!!!
What is in that black bag? We learnt about rough and smooth, soft and hard objects
Thank goodness for the honey – deliciously sweet
I think it’s time to play again…..
Lunch time – delicious fresh, warm hot dogs – the quietest the children and educators had been the whole day. Too busy eating to talk.
Our friend and volunteer, Melissa, who made our lunch and delivered it to the park. THANK YOU

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