FRIDAY 12th MAY 2017


Who says healthy eating isn’t fun and delicious?

We proved this to be TRUE during Baker Baker at Makabongwe on Friday 12th May.

With the help of our Durban Girl’s College exchange students: Maggie, Jess, Finn, Eliza, Holly, Charlotte (from Australia) and Nona from Namibia the children created and ate delicious and healthy wise owl fruity breakfasts.

The scene was set with a story called “Owl Babies”

The children learnt that these birds are different in that they sleep during the day and wake at night.

They are also very clever as they think a lot……..

It was very evident that the children loved the story by the silence and looks on their faces.

Then it was down to creating their own wise owls.


It went something like this………

Under the guidance and supervision of the students each child spread a rice cake with peanut butter.

Then they added sliced strawberries to make the wings.

Banana slices were used for the owl’s eyes with a black raisin in the middle and another strawberry slice for the beak.


The best part was the eating. Our owls did not get to go home with the children to show mom and dad.

They looked too yummy and tasted too yummy so the pictures are our only evidence they were created.


What will the Makabongwe children be creating next during Baker Baker?

You can be sure it will be interesting, delicious and FUN


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