Operation Clean Up

At the end of every term Makabongwe undergoes a facelift.

It is a mini facelift at the end of term 1 and term 3, a major facelift at the end of term 2 and a total make over at the end of term 4. For the past 2 years, we have had the “Glenwood Men in Green” come and assist us. This term was no different.


Schools broke up on FRIDAY 31st March and on SATURDAY 1st April, the men arrived. This was NO April Fool’s Joke.


They arrived armed with cleaning materials, good attitudes and ready to get down and dirty.


The Glenwood volunteers split into 6 groups and each team ventured off to their respective classroom.


All the tables and chairs were taken out of every classroom and scrubbed thoroughly: top, bottom, inside and outside. All the furniture was moved to the middle of each classroom, the floors swept, walls washed and then disinfected with jeyes fluid and everything put neatly back in place. Curtains and mattress covers had already been washed by the staff before school closed. Windows had been cleaned by Nhlakanipho our gardener. The verandas of each cabin were swept and also disinfected with jeyes fluid and the artificial grass carpets given a good shaking and sweeping.


By midday the school was literally shining, and we could confidently sing……It’s good and clean and fresh, tra,la,la


Sometimes pictures tell a better story than words.

Enjoy the story of the Glenwood Interact volunteers engaged in

OPERATION CLEAN UP TERM 1 at Makabongwe Methodist Pre-School


We salute you and applaud your energy, passion and commitment.

You are true friends to the children and we appreciate you.


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