Christmas in May

We actually celebrated Christmas at the end of November last year but have only received all the photos now due to a technical hitch…..


So enjoy Christmas with the children of Makabongwe and Glenwood High School Interact team now in MAY


The end of term is always exciting….. there’s the school concert and Grade R graduation, end of term and holidays to look forward to (more so for the teachers) and then there’s the visit from GLENWOOD


You could sense the excitement in the air. By this time of the year, we have almost given up trying to control the children. When the GLENWOOD bus arrives, it’s almost impossible to manage the 150 little people running to the fence to see their friends again.


This time they bore gifts from Father Christmas who arrived with a HO, HO, HO ringing his bell loud and clear for all to hear.


Each class gathered together and when their name was called out went to Father Christmas to receive a lucky packet containing some sweets, a small toy and packet of chips. The joy on each child’s face and anticipation to hear his or her name was very evident. Even the teachers were given a treat from Father Christmas. I assume that means we must ALL have been very good during the year.


Thank you GLENWOOD for bringing some Christmas cheer to the children and staff of Makabongwe.

May your Christmas’s always be bright and full of love as you so selflessly and generously share the spirit of Christmas with us.





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