Happy Easter – Easter Egg Hunt

On your marks, get set, GO. The hunt begins.
Looking for Easter eggs ūüôā
The climb was worth it. Found an egg
Got it
Stretch……got it!
This has been a very busy Easter Bunny
Is it a flower…no its an Easter Egg
Happy Easter “Bunnies”
Maybe my glasses will help me find an egg quicker
Looking forward to eating this ūüôā
Absolutely delicious chocolate and marshmallow
Oops dropped mine
Miss, can we eat now?
The bunny cant fool me. I found an egg!
Digging…got it!
This should taste good!
The Easter Bunny’s had a very busy morning
Not just leaves on this plant but chocolate eggs too!
I found one…
Love these plants – theyre full of Easter eggs
I can just reach it
This one is mine!
Amazing, our school garden is full of Easter eggs
Happy Easter Everyone!

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