Stranger Danger



From the Communications / PRO department of the DURBAN METRO POLICE.

FRIDAY 17th MARCH 2017


This is a light hearted, fun presentation with a SERIOUS message that could save the life of a child / children.

Captain Peter Keogh has a delightful sense of humour as well as a lovely voice and guitar playing talent which endears the children to him as he teaches them about a very serious subject.


STRANGER DANGER – What to do if a stranger approaches you, what to say when a stranger attempts to engage in conversation with you, a fun way of remembering the emergency number 10111 and what to remember when getting inside a motor vehicle – BUCKLE UP!!


Enjoy the photos which clearly show just how much the children and staff enjoyed the presentation.


Our sincere thanks to Captain Keogh and Inspector Fourie who have become familiar faces and true friends to the learners of Makabongwe over the years.

This is a service every school should enjoy.

Protect and look after our children today – they are the future of this beautiful country we call SOUTH AFRICA.


Captain Keogh rockin’g ‘n rfollin with Khawulezile, Londi and Bongi.
Children sit in the back seat of a motor car with a safety belt on.












The Makabongwe children listening intently to the message on stranger danger.
Inspector Jacques Fourie with his new dog Lexi keeping their distance from the children. Lexi is still a pup in training.













After action party time. Tea, juice and biscuits enjoyed by all.
Very well behaved children sitting in their classes patiently waiting for their treat.












Making sure our guest is looked after.
Is that Elvis Presley I hear? No it’s the Captain.












Presenting Captian Keogh and Inspector Fourie with a delicious homemade chocolate cake as a token of our appreciation.






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