Laguna Beach Outing

Wednesday 8th March



I think today was the hottest day we have had this year.  It was a glorious summer day, even though we are officially in autumn, the temperature round 31 degrees.


All was quiet at the LAGUNA POOLS at 08h00 this morning BUT at Makabongwe the excitement was rising as the Grade R learners got ready for their excursion to the beach. It was toilet, wash hands, breakfast and then change into costumes and what a lovely selection of colourful costumes.


The 3 Grade R classes were literally buzzing – Yellow Birds, Bees and Butterflies.

This was a first on the school calendar. Thanks to the extra hands who volunteered their time. We had 5-6 children per 1 leader.


As soon as the bus arrived, there was no holding back. The children all boarded with their leader and the adventure continued.


As soon as the children could see the beach there were shrieks of delight. And then it was just fun, fun, fun, swim, swim, swim and enjoy the beautiful day. One class went onto the beach and enjoyed building sand castles and letting waves crash on their legs and getting their toes stuck in the sand. The other classes enjoyed the pools, some braver than others going up and down the slides fearlessly. Then the next class went down to  the beach until all had been in the sea.


We enjoyed a mid morning snack of cheese curl chips and a marshmallow sweet together with some delicious cold juice.


Then back in the water for more fun, each child braver and more fearless as they gained confidence.


Melissa arrived promptly at 11h30 with our hot dog lunch. Thanks to Kensington SPAR and Bluff Meat Supply for donating the rolls and viennas. I have never seen 200 hot dogs disappear so quickly. We had all built up healthy appetites and enjoyed 2 hot dogs each with more juice.


Then the children dried out in the sun for 5 minutes before boarding the bus to come back to school.


What an adventure – what an exciting day.

Well done to all the educators, volunteers and sponsors without whom these excursions would never happen. I know there will be lots of stories to tell at home tonight and also lots of tired little bunnies ready for bed a lot earlier than usual!!


Watch this space for our next adventure with the Gr 000 and Gr 00 learners………




























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