Valentines Day



Makabongwe was filled with laughter and love on Tuesday 14th February.

ALL the children were dressed in red or pink or white or all three colours.

It was beautiful to see all the different outfits and shades of red and pink.

Every child was given a necklace beaded with coloured macaroni made by the UNISA Social Work students with a heart medallion that read JESUS LOVES YOU.

The children wore these the entire day with great pride

During MUSIC the children, teachers, students and volunteers “showed off” their Valentine outfits to lots of cheering and clapping.

Nandos treated everyone to a delicious chicken burger, chips and juice lunch.

What a happy and loving day for the children

THANKS NANDOS and well done to all the children who looked GORGEOUS


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IMG-20170214-WA0025 IMG-20170214-WA0028


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