Beyond The Call Of Duty

We really care about the children at Makabongwe making sure they are looked after in terms of their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual development.

Over and above offering excellent pre-school education and feeding the children 2 meals a day, we try and ensure vital services are made easily accessible to the parents.

One of the additional services we offer is a visit from our local clinic ensuring the children are de-wormed regularly, have their vitamins and all the required pre-school inoculations.


On Wednesday 22nd February, Lancer’s Road Clinic visited our school.


Sister Lungi and Sister Lunga made sure that all the clinic cards for the children were checked.

Those children who needed de-worming were given their tablets and those who needed vitamins drops were given these as well.

The children were very well behaved. Majority of the children had all their inoculations up to date.

This is a service the clinic provides us on request twice a year in February and August.

It helps working parents who might not have the time to get to the Clinic and it also ensures that all the Makabongwe children are up to date in terms of their pre-school medical requirements resulting in healthy and happy children.

We look forward to the next visit in August.


Volunteer Hlengiwe, sister Lungi and sister Lunga hard at work checking clinic cards.
Vitiamin drops “in they go”









Grade 00 Blue group patienty waiting their turn
Down the hatch it goes








Some children were absent on account of the rain. Others did not have their clinic cards. The clinic will return another day to ensure all our children have been treated.

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