Baker Baker

BAKER BAKER…….with a difference


TODAY – Friday 10th February – we did our first Baker Baker in 2017 with the 3 x Grade R classes, YELLOW BUTTERFLIES, YELLOW BEES and YELLOW BIRDS.


The same excitement and anticipation seems to have flowed over from last year and even the new children join in the chant of Baker Baker when they see the black tray and all the goodies loaded on top.


Recently I discovered how to colour macaroni and got a little carried away so I decided to do something different. Instead of making something to eat we would make something to wear.


Each table was given a bowl of red, blue, green and yellow macaroni plus a bowl of “diamonds” – (plastic shiny beads)

Each child had their own piece of string with their name tag and after some fun learning activities started threading.


It was so rewarding watching the children, boys and girls alike, concentrating and creating.

Some opted for a one colour necklace, others 2 colours and others all 4. The idea was to let the children create and choose their colours but to thread one macaroni, then one diamond.

Some of the teachers even created their own necklaces and were deep in concentration beading macaroni and diamonds.


These fun sessions have much learning and developing. The children are having so much fun they don’t even realise they’re “working”.

Threading is very good for fine motor development as well as hand eye co-ordination, learning new words e.g. macaroni, diamond and of course emphasising the primary colours, red, blue, green and yellow.

The pride on each child’s face makes the dying, cutting, printing and all the work that goes into preparing this lesson for 80 learners worth it and more.


Each child made their own unique Makabongwe Macaroni necklace and wore them with much pride.


Watch this space for more Baker Baer activities…..

Thank you to our sponsors who make this all possible with their donations to purchase all the materials we need.


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