uShaka Marine World Outing

When I woke up on Tuesday 6th September, I knew it was going to be a good day, not just because it was a lovely, warm Spring day but because the Gr R learners of Makabongwe were going to uShaka Marine World for their excursion.

Our theme for the past 2 weeks has been WATER: what lives in water, saving water, re-cycling water, the importance of water and anything else relevant about water to pass onto the children. This excursion is one of the school calendar highlights and there is an even louder buzzing in the classrooms as the day of the excursion draws closer. It was as I predicted when I arrived at school. This children were overflowing with excitement. Our team of educators and volunteers worked quickly to ensure all the children had breakfast and were changed into their red t-shirts and black shorts. Each team leader looked after a maximum of 8 learners.

The 2 busses arrived on time with the compliments of Clifton School and we were on our way. The bus was filled with singing and lots of chattering. On arrival we went straight off with our respective tour guide leaders. These ladies were very patient, very informative and gave the children lots of interesting facts to think about and learn. The children loved all the colours of the fish. We found Nemo in one tank and a very large and old turtle in another. It looked like he was actually waving at us. The scuba diver cleaning the windows and feeding the fish was a hit. The children were fascinated watching him do his work. There was loud gasps as a very large ragged tooth shark swam past the window right where the children were standing. We learnt the names of many different kinds of sharks and the fact that the ragged tooth shark has 7 layers of teeth! They learners saw sea horses, octopus, hard and soft coral, eels, starfish, sea urchins, crayfish, lobsters, sting rays and many other creatures whose home is the sea.

The male penguins made a lot of noise sounding just like donkeys as they were calling for female mates.  We enjoyed a mid morning snack of sea creature cheddar biscuits. Our excursion ended with the Dolphin Show. What a pleasure to watch Gambit and his girls performing: talking, waving, splashing and entertaining the crowds. We left uShaka on the Clifton busses but the day was not yet over.

On arrival back at school, each learner and educator enjoyed a delicious Nandos lunch box and juice.

Can you think of a better way to spend your school day?

Grateful thanks to our 3 sponsors without whom this excursion would not happen.

Permoseal (Pty) Ltd – manufacturers of ALCOLIN and BOSTIK adhesives – for sponsoring the entrance fee

Clifton School – for providing transport to uShaka and back again to school

Nandos – for supplying the scrumptious lunch

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