Sports Day 2016

“What are your memories of your Sports Days at school?

Mine are all good…and that’s what I think our Makabongwe children will have of our Sports Day on Friday 16th September.

This was our 3rd Sports Day which all started as a celebration of Madiba’s birthday.


The children had been practising their events as well as cheering and war cries and there was much excitement at school.

Dressed in their red t-shirts, black shorts and wearing a rosette the colour of the class they represented, all our learners came singing and dancing into the playground. They were met with cheers from committee members, parents and the all girl team from Permoseal who have sponsored and supported our Sports Day for the past 3 years.


The Green Group learners enjoyed their 3 races, all received a medal and prize pack and went back to class to recover and rest. There were onion and spoon races, bean bag squeezed tight between head and shoulder and hopping, rolling hula hoops, bean bags on heads, dress up and many other events. The cheering was magnificent. Everyone was having a good time. The parents challenged the teachers to a couple of races and this was particularly enjoyed by the children.

Every child is a winner at Makabongwe and so all our learners were presented with a medal and prize pack. The floating trophy for the best “Good Spirit” went to Gr R Yellow Butterflies. It was a very difficult decision as everyone was joining in and showing good spirit.


Well done to the teachers for their infectious enthusiasm, to the parents who came to support their children, the committee members and especially our sponsors Permoseal.

Another special thanks to our friend Melissa, who has helped us every year, getting the children read, starting the races, buttering and preparing the hotdogs and just being there to ensure everything runs according to plan. THANK YOU

This will be a fun day remembered for many years by our children and that’s exactly how it should be.

My best race was the 3 legged one, what was yours??”

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