Horse Police Visit


Doctors, Nurses, Firemen, Traffic Officers and THE POLICE

On Tuesday 2nd August we had very special visitors come to visit us at Makabongwe.

Captain Foster and his team: Inspector Jeffrey Gunter, Inspector Jason Manggos and Constable Lee Bryant from the mounted Metro Police Unit plus Wild Boy and Argentina – 2 delightful horses.

Wild Boy is not a stranger to the school as this was his 3rd visit. Argentina seemed quite relaxed amongst the children and was even happy to be stroked and fed carrots.


Captain Foster gave a very interesting talk to the children about what they do, how to look after the horses, what they eat, the special shoes they wear and the fact that even though they ride horses, they are still regular police with hand cuffs, batons and guns!


Inspector Gunter demonstrated how to put a saddle on, tighten the straps and set the stirrups in the correct position. We also showed the children the correct way to groom his horse. Wild Boy clearly enjoyed his mane being brushed. The children were fascinated Inspector Gunter got on the horse!! They thought the horse knelt down and let him climb on. Wild Boy showed off by walking, trotting and even cantering. Space limitations did not allow for him to break into a gallop. He also jumped over some poles and was encouraged with lots of clapping from the children.


Learning by listening, sight, touch and feel is the most rewarding and beneficial for our learners and we are so grateful to the Metro Police for their annual visits to our school.


Most of the children were brave enough to come and stroke the horses, some even returned for a second time and a third time. The teachers – some more willing and eager than others – treated both horses to some juicy carrots after the demonstration.


Enjoy the photos of the day the “horse police” came to Makabongwe.

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IMG-20160803-WA0008  IMG-20160803-WA0004







IMG-20160803-WA0005 IMG-20160803-WA0001

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