Siwela Sonke Dance Company.

On Thursday 2nd June we were entertained by members of the Siwela Sonke Dance Company.

They have different programmes tailored to different age audiences.

The programme presented to us at Makabongwe is based on Gcina Mhlophe’s children’s story Snake with Seven heads. To date it has been seen by more than 30 schools since the tour began in April. Siwela Sonke’s dance workshops for young children are focused on movement of the body and feeling comfortable and well. They are also currently developing a High School’s programme which will focus on substance abuse, discrimination and domestic violence.

Our children sat glued to their chairs with their eyes riveted to the stage which was actually the cement motor track on our school. The actors were entertaining, the dancing energetic, the singing beautifully harmonious and the story fascinating. Energy literally oozed from the dancers and now my school is filled with children singing the songs they learnt in the story. It was impossible to sit still without clapping your hands and tapping your toes.

Give them a call today and enjoy a wonderful treat at your school.

Elroy Bell

Company Administrator

Siwela Sonke Dance Theatre

T: 031 307 6685 | F: 031 307 6686 | M: 072 419 4146


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