Doctors in Training

We are privileged to host 4 students from UKZN Medical School who have to complete 16 hours community service as part of their degree.

Based on our themes of healthy living, healthy eating and my body, we invited the students to do mini presentations to the children.

The topics they spoke about were healthy food and unhealthy food, what to do when you cough and sneeze, washing your body with soap and brushing your teeth correctly and lastly the importance of enough sleep and exercise. The students used pictures and other props to ensure the children understood the message.

I think we will have extra clean and healthy children from now on who know how to look after their bodies, eat the correct foods, sleep long enough and exercise.

DID YOU KNOW : Always use a tissue or hanky when you cough or sneeze. If no tissue or hanky is available, use your arm not your hand when coughing or sneezing to avoid spreading germs.


Doctors in trainig

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