Compendium Educational Games

We are blessed with many visitors at Makabongwe.

Last Monday 13th June we were visited by the ladies from Compendium Educational Games, Heather, Janet and Laura and showered with brightly coloured extra strong hula hoops.  These “toys” provide much pleasure in terms of entertainment and development for our children. I invite you to visit the school and challenge one of our children to a hula hoop match. Be ready to graciously concede defeat because our children are masters of hula hooping!

Compendium Educational Games are suppliers of quality educational resources. Some examples of what you can get are Outdoor equipment, construction toys, creative rollers and stamps, fine motor activities, wooden puzzles, classroom games, numeracy resources and writeright boards.

Thank you for blessing the children of Makabongwe with such a generous , fun and useful educational toy.


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