Barnyard Theatre Fundraiser

On Thursday 14th April Makabongwe friends and family were rocking at the Barnyard Theatre at Gateway to the music of the 90’s.

The evening was a roaring success, the entertainment superb, with good food and liquid refreshments ensuring a super evening enjoyed by all you supported our fundraiser.

It was a wonderful reminder of the talent we have in our country, even in our province Kwa Zulu Natal – singers, actors, dancers and musicians all making up a vibrant and energetic cast who entertained and delighted the audience.

If I had to choose, I would vote for the duet medley of “I will always love you” by Whitney Houston and “Time to say Goodbye” which caused tingles down my spine. The ethnic costumes and beat of some of the African artists had toes tapping, hands clapping and the crowd shouting for more.

Thanks to all who supported our fund raiser. We have an additional R5500.00 in the bank which will be used to installing an awning above our front door, making our entrance protected from the elements and welcoming as the 147 learners arrive at school ready for an action packed and happy day at Makabongwe.

Barnyard Barnyard

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